• 13th - 17th March 2024
  • Messe Wien

Price information for

Wohnen & Interieur 2023

Space rental fee regular

Space requirements (subject to availability)

Stand Price per sqm
Row Stand
€ 129,00
Corner Stand
€ 136,00
Main Stand
€ 142,50
Island Stand
€ 149,00

The space rental fee is a net price per sqm for space only without stand structures. Taxes and duties must also be applied, calculated and paid in accordance with the applicable legal requirements. Stand dividing walls are NOT included in the price but are however obligatory.

Marketing & service fee


Flat charge Price
Marketing & service fee (obliagory)
€ 449,00

Additional costs fee

Includes coverage of increased energy and material costs (obliagory)

Flat charge Price
Price per sqm
€ 4,50

The Marketing & Service fee includes the registration fee, a quota of exhibitor passes and parking access tickets, a basic entry in the online exhibitor catalogue, access to the exhibitor portal – and includes the self-management functions available for profile content as described, a basic entry in the printed version of the exhibitor directory, a full range of printed and digital advertising options to enable you to promote your expo presence independently.  

Co-exhibitor fee (only for co-exhibitors)

excl. the obligatory standard marketing and service fee

Flat charge Price
Co-exhibitor fee
€ 160,00



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